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Install Nginx side by side with Apache

Before we start you should make sure your openssl is updated. Run rpm -q openssl and if this reports version 1.0.1e and less than 1.0.1e-16.el6_5.4.0.1 then you are vulnerable to heartbleed. One of the biggest security issues. Read Update openssl on Red Hat before you continue. We also need version 1.0.1 or higher to install Nginx.

First of you can check if Nginx is available on your system by running

yum info nginx. It should now show you the available package with its version included, in my case Version : 1.0.15. If it's not available or if you get an old version like me (the latest one is currently 1.6.2) then you need to add there official repo to yum. Create and open /etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo in your favorite editor and add the config below.

name=nginx repo

If you run yum info nginx again you should now get Version : 1.6.2 or later. Then install it with yum install nginx.

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