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Create ISO image from directory

I was using VirtualBox to run an older version of OS X. I had some files that I needed from my host computer but hadn’t set up any shared directories. I was using hdiutil to create an ISO for the OS X and figured that I could move files from my host computer using another ISO because it can be mounted without any restarts.

Make all new commits verified at GitHub

A guide to add GPG signatures on all your git commits. Expects that you already have git and HomeBrew installed on your macOS machine.

iOS UI tests for custom URL scheme

UI tests is a great way to test that your application behaves as you expect it to and also to verify that you don’t break any features in the future. If you are used to write unit tests you may also be used to write your code using dependency injections or to mock and stub dependencies. In UI tests however, you don’t have access to your code and to simulate a user as close as possible you will probably write your tests and interact with other services just as a regular user. Then you can be quite sure that your app is working as it should.

Implement custom URL scheme in iOS

Custom URL schemes is a great way to enable automation in your application for power users or to allowing users or other developers to go to a view or a state in your app by using a URL just like browsing the web.

Start Delayed Job on boot and restart on deploy

If you have an rails application that is running delayed job for its background processes you probably would like it to start automatically whenever the server restarts. But you will also need it to restart if your rails applications are deployed so you can be sure that it is running the latest version of it.

Yatzy Protocol for iPhone

Yatzy is a game you play with 5 dices together with your friends.

Configure RuboCop for your project

RuboCop is a Ruby static code analyzer. Out of the box it will enforce many of the guidelines outlined in the community Ruby Style Guide.

How to SSH through SSH proxy

At our company we do not want any outsiders to access our servers through SSH. Often we prevent logins to root and prevent logins with password. But to be even more secure we started to only allow logins from the IP addresses at our office.

How to update locate database on OS X

locate is a great tool both on Linux and Mac when searching for files in the terminal. But sometimes the database will be out of sync with whats really on the hard drives. On Linux you typically can use the commands updatedb or locate -u (-u as in update) to update it. These commands are not available on OS X though.

Create and apply Git patch files

When working with Git most of us are used to have something like GitHub or Bitbucket where we can create pull requests and assign to people. This may not always be the case and then it is good to have another option. With Git you can also create a patch file which later on can be sent by email or transfered over an USB-stick to someone that will apply it in the main repository.

Install Nginx side by side with Apache

Before we start you should make sure your openssl is updated. Run rpm -q openssl and if this reports version 1.0.1e and less than 1.0.1e-16.el6_5.4.0.1 then you are vulnerable to heartbleed. One of the biggest security issues. Read Update openssl on Red Hat before you continue. We also need version 1.0.1 or higher to install Nginx.

Fix: Unable to start the Phusion Passenger watchdog

Does this look familiar for you? If it does, then you are on the right place.

Input fields in rake task

Rake is an awesome tool to automate workflows during development or for some other stuff.

Get pow running with ZSH and Rbenv

Usually I’m using rails s with thin or webbrick when developing web applications because I’ve had lots of issues with pow and file uploads. But when I’m working on multiply projects within same day it’s really handy to have pow installed.

Disable OS X Dashboard

If you are like me and never uses Dashboard on your mac. Why should you still have it there?