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How to SSH through SSH proxy

At our company we do not want any outsiders to access our servers through SSH. Often we prevent logins to root and prevent logins with password. But to be even more secure we started to only allow logins from the IP addresses at our office.

At our office we have an Mac Mini that is open for SSH to all employees. Here we can have a main list of allowed SSH keys and IP addresses and everyone can SSH Proxy through this one. This makes it a lot easier for us to manage access.

So how do you SSH through another server

Lets say that our computer we want to use as an SSH Proxy has the domain "" and the server we will ssh to has "". Lets also assume that the user for both servers in my case are "aross".

SSH has a lot of options we can use. The one we will use is called

ProxyCommand. We will first give it user and host to the proxy server followed by the -W-flag where we tell it to which host and port we want to bind this proxy to. Instead of writing host and port in this case we can use the placeholders %h for host and %p for port and the ssh service will figure it all out by itself.

The command will look like this

ssh -o ProxyCommand='ssh [email protected] -W %h:%p' [email protected]

Thats basically it. If you do this allot you could simplify the process by editing your ~/.ssh/config file.

Add this to ~/.ssh/config/

Host officeproxy
  User aross

  ProxyCommand ssh officeproxy -W %h:%p

Now when you do ssh [email protected] SSH will set up the proxy for you according to the config file.

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